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24" or 30" Celebrity Succulent Wreath, Succulent Celebrity Wreath

24" or 30" Celebrity Succulent Wreath, Succulent Celebrity Wreath

$531.25 $625.00


XXL 24" Beautiful Succulent Wreath is called our Celebrity Wreath. This wreath was a star attraction at a world famous botanical garden and Zoo. It features lots of very hardy succulents that thrive on little water and shade. A stunning Entry wreath, exquisite Wedding Day Wreath and the perfect Holiday wreath,

We recommend adding a 72 hour Heat Pack for $5, available in our shop, if you anticipate colder weather in your area or in transit.

Succulent plants have a beautiful floral shape but are actually living plants! They'll grow well with little care and surprise you with a showy display of colorful, long lasting blooms.

Our wreaths are professionally made. Each is packed with beautiful greenhouse grown flower shaped succulents. We use the highest quality, professional florist materials. The succulents are securely anchored in a metal frame filled with living moss. Each has a hanging chain and little feet on back for easy hanging or using as a table centerpiece. Each order comes with easy Succulent care instructions.

Our process and materials ensure the highest quality product. Our wreaths are made to stay looking beautiful for years.

Easy succulent care instructions are included with your order to bring years of lasting beauty.

If you are sending as a gift, I will happily included your message on a gift card.

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