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Living Spanish Moss, Long & Lush!

Living Spanish Moss, Long & Lush!

$165.75 $195.00

Our Spanish moss is a RARE find! Beautiful, Living, Spanish Moss, over 10 yrs old! You’ll receive a clump that’s 6 inches wide and over 5 feet long. Beautiful hanging in the shade in the yard.

Easy care, just water once a week by dipping in water or spraying with the hose. Indirect sunlight or shade only please.

Spanish Moss is a living plant that will thrive with very little care. It will even surprise you with small daisy-like, blooms. Each clump is greenhouse grown and hand selected. Your moss will be from the curtain of moss shown.

Easy succulent care instructions are included with your order to bring years of lasting beauty.

If you are sending as a gift, I will happily included your message on a gift card.