How to grow succulents from cuttings

Propagating Succulents From Cuttings

Look at this little cluster of succulent babies! If you want more succulents, here’s a secret: Cut the top off your succulent, leaving a few leaves behind.


When you take a cutting from a succulent, the cut top grows new roots, and little baby succulents appear all along the stem in place of the cutting. This is how many succulent growers propagate their plants! ❤️❤️


Growing the succulent babies along the stem is also easy.

❤️Snip babies off the stem when they’re at least 1/2 to 1 inch across.

❤️It’s not a must do, but if you dip the bottom of the baby plants in ground cinnamon, it’s a natural fungicide and can help prevent fungus rot.

❤️Place cuttings on dry cactus/succulent soil in a small pot not more than twice the size of the cutting. The container size is important! If the container is too big, the plants will not do well. Too much soil will hold more water than a plant can use in 3-4 days causing fungus rot and attracting pests. This is why succulent growers grow babies in garden “plug trays” (a tray with 72 little one inch sections) or with lots of babies on a garden “flat”.

❤️Dampen the soil only after the plants have lots of little pink roots.

❤️Water again only when the soil has completely dried.

❤️Keep babies in bright shade with only early morning or late afternoon direct sunshine.

❤️Protect from cold. Best growing temperatures are over 55 degrees.

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