Accessories for Watering Succulents

Accessories for Watering Succulents

Watering Accessories

Watering Can

If you love plants, you’ll probably have fun browsing garden shops or online for cute indoor watering cans. I look for a long neck with a narrow spout. This style helps to get most of the water on the soil, less on succulent leaves and the floor.



Watering Bottles for Hanging Plants

A plastic squeeze bottle with a long, curved, positionable tube makes watering hanging plants and plants on high shelves easy. I found mine online, made by UBloom.


A large water sprayer may be just the thing for watering the garden


Portable Pump Garden Sprayer

A portable pump garden sprayer may be just the thing for you to avoid dragging a hose around or carrying a watering can. I like the gallon-sized ITISLL with a brass wand and adjustable nozzle. It can also be used to spray pests with neem oil, Dawn dish soap, or other garden concoctions.



The Dramm 2000 is the nozzle professional greenhouses use  


Hose Nozzle

If you’re watering lots of succulents outdoors, here’s what the pros use to make watering easy. It’s called the Red Dramm 1000 Water Breaker Nozzle. It’s practically a secret, and the name sounds like it was made for Harry Potter. It’s bright red plastic, and you can find it online or at better garden centers. I love it because it has one thousand tiny holes that create a dense but gentle shower that’s beautiful to watch. It also won’t damage tender plants or dislodge soil. If you have a long hose, adding a screw-on valve to your Dramm nozzle will help turn the water on and off when you’re away from the hose bib. Dramm also makes an attachment for watering out-of-reach outdoor hanging plants.


A soil moisture meter can take the guesswork out of knowing when to water


Soil Moisture Meter (available in our shop in the garden tools section)

A finger makes a pretty good soil moisture meter. Push your finger a couple of inches into the soil to feel if it’s dry. If the soil feels cool, it’s still damp. If you’re unsure or want a second opinion, a good quality soil moisture meter can help. A soil moisture meter reads zero when the soil is dry. And that’s how dry succulent soil should be before rewatering. Moisture meters are available online and at most garden centers. Beware, though, the ones that are cheaply made aren’t reliable. Don’t be tempted to check to see if the meter works or how wet it thinks water is by putting it in water. It won’t read correctly, and doing this could ruin it. They’re designed to detect moisture in soil only.


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