Crown Care

Your Succulent crown is created just for you. We hope you love it! Please unpack your order carefully.

Care Instruction- Before the Event

Your succulents require nothing but sunshine before your Wedding day. Bright, indirect sunshine will bring out the succulents beautiful colors. Avoid summer mid-day sun, it will burn their leaves. Please protect from frost.

Care Instructions- After the Event

Within 2 weeks after receiving your crown, cut each succulent from its wired stem. Lay the stem-less plants on dry cactus soil to re-grow roots. Do not dampen the soil until the stems have little pink hair-like roots.

Water the soil until it's damp, not muddy. Water only once each week or after the soil is completely dry. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. They like the soil to be completely dry for a few days before re-watering.

Easy to Grow Leaf Babies

Each little perfect leaf that falls can become an entire succulent plant. Lay them on cactus soil in the shade and a baby plant will appear at the end of each leaf. When the leaf has withered, it’s time to place your leaf baby in indirect sunshine. Water once a week and watch it grow.