Wreath Care


Lots of direct morning or afternoon sunshine brings out the beautiful colors in succulents and helps them keep their compact, flower like shape. Direct, mid-day summer sun can burn their leaves.


Succulents store water in their leaves, stems, and roots. Water by immersing wreath in cool water. It's natural for succulents to loose some leaves as new leaves grow, any dead brown leaves will loosen and float to the top of the water as you water them.  Do Not Mist Succulents!  Please allow the moss to dry completely before watering. 


As your wreath garden grows, you may want to trim the top of some of the succulents back. Just cut the top off of the succulent to about an inch from the wreath. New babies will grow on the shorter stem. The cut succulent top can be tucked back into the wreath (just poke a hole with a pencil for the stem) and pin it in place with the succulent pins that were included with your wreath.

Easy to Grow Leaf Babies

Each little perfect leaf that falls can become an entire succulent plant. Lay them on cactus soil in the shade and a baby plant will appear at the end of each leaf. When the leaf has withered, it’s time to place your leaf baby in indirect sunshine. Water once a week and watch it grow.